iOS 10, 11, 12


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SafeShutdown aims to help you avoid having to re-jailbreak after your device runs out of battery.

It does so by initiating a "fake shutdown" when your battery gets to the set percentage. When the device is plugged in and charges to the set restart percentage it undoes all changes and resprings, allowing it to wake up.

The device will be completely unusable while enabled, in the case that you want to override SafeShutdown and use the remaining battery, there is the option to enable the emergency wake up feature in settings.

What happens when the "fake shutdown" enables?
The screen is turned off and disabled, low power mode enabled, all buttons and touches are ignored, raise to wake, notifications, alarms and timers are blocked, torch is turned off, screen recording is stopped and saved, all apps are quit but not removed from the app switcher, all sounds and vibrations are disabled and more.



1.54 (13 Jun 2019) - New option in settings to fix notifications bug. Force touch SB icon to change it. Other bug fixes.

1.53 (11 Jun 2019) - Bug fixes.

1.52 (08 Jun 2019) - Fixed issue where some tweaks would crash due to SafeShutdown. Hopefully fixed all app crashing issues. Improved performance.

1.51 (06 Jun 2019) - Fixed issue where some apps would crash for some users.

1.50 (06 Jun 2019) - Fixed file permissions bug. New power menu options: LDRestart, UICache. Select which options appear in the power menu. Option to have a tap through style power menu. Option to replace the SOS menu with the power menu. Option to wake into safemode. Force touch notifications to delay the shutdown (delay time customisable in settings). New SafeShutdown application, all power options in one app + see active countdown until shutdown including the option to delay. Control center toggle. 9 Activator listeners. Notification sounds and vibration (select your sound in alerts settings). Developer support for integrating SafeShutdown. Other bug fixes and improvements.

1.44 (05 May 2019) - Better A12 support and improved performance.

1.42 (01 May 2019) - Fixed dependencies for A12 support.

1.41 (29 Apr 2019) - arm64e support.

1.40 (02 Mar 2019) - iOS 12 support.

1.39 (20 Nov 2018) - Fixes a bug which prevented some apps (Facebook, Messenger, Twitter etc.) from opening.

1.38 (19 Nov 2018) - More fixes to localizations.

1.37 (19 Nov 2018) - Fixed and added the following localizations: Arabic, Spanish, Swedish, Hebrew, French, Malay, Italian and Turkish.

1.36 (19 Nov 2018) - Adds a custom respring icon to show when waking from SafeShutdown (iOS 11+ only). Preferences beautification, major performance enhancements and bug fixes.

1.35 (24 Oct 2018) - Fixed an issue some users reported where the power menu would not layout correctly. Cleaned up some tweak resources. Updated the license transfer system. Other small bug fixes.

1.33 (23 Oct 2018) - Bug fixes with restore process.

1.32 (23 Oct 2018) - Fixes the power menu in 10.3.3

1.31 (23 Oct 2018) - New features: Power down menu, option to have the battery percent adjust itself so that SafeShutdown appears to enable at 0%, option to have low batter alerts show as notifications instead, option to use the lock button for emergency wake.
License system upgrade - should eliminate the need for transferring licenses for the same device after restore.
Many bug fixes including repeating notifications, settings crashes and more!

1.3 (30 Sep 2018) - iOS 10 support! Slight adjustments to notifications.

1.21 (17 Sep 2018) - Added the ability to transfer your license to a new device.

1.2 (16 Sep 2018) - Fixes a clash with BioProtect X's respring protection where the device wouldn't wake up. Fixes a clash with tweaks that alter the use of the volume buttons, which would prevent the emergency wake feature. Fixes an issue where alarms would still sound for some users. Added an option to allow timers and alarms to sound while in the SafeShutdown state. Added options to disable low power mode when the device wakes. Added a button to view the help page from settings.

1.12 (13 Sep 2018) - Fixes issue where settings would crash. Big stability improvements.

1.11 (12 Sep 2018) - Fixes lock button on iPad waking device. Fixes issue where respring logo shows when shutdown. Big improvements to screen disabling.

1.1 (12 Sep 2018) - Fixes an issue where the devices screen would sometimes flicker when in SafeShutdown state. Fixes issue with faceID/touchID staying enabled when shutdown. Now supports iPad!

1.05-beta (10 Sep 2018) - Small fixes to settings to help fix issues users are experiencing.

1.04-beta (10 Sep 2018) - Added restore defaults button in settings. This should fix the issue where the tweak wouldn't work for some users. Small other improvements.

1.03-beta (09 Sep 2018) - Big stability updates, new notifications to make things clearer, new manual shutdown button in settings (this can be used instead of turning your device off, or to charge faster!) and the countdown percentage is now more customisable.
Known issues: display waking up occasionally with user interaction, unplugging the device after enabling manual shutdown with device charging can cause the screen to wake, touchID and faceID do not always disable.

1.02-beta (08 Sep 2018) - Fixed an issue causing settings to crash and disable the tweak. (Massive thanks to @Chasewhip for helping me troubleshoot!)

1.01-beta (07 Sep 2018) - Nothing exciting, just blocked purchasing for devices on unsupported iOS versions.

1.0-beta (07 Sep 2018) - Initial beta release.

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