MessageBubbles Help

All devices on iOS 11.0 and higher are supported.

Note: Each purchase is valid only for the device you have purchased on.

If you are having trouble with purchasing MessageBubbles follow these steps:

  1. Tap "Purchase"
  2. Follow the prompts to complete the payment through PayPal
  3. Come back to MessageBubbles settings
  4. Tap "Restore Purchase"
  5. Tap "OK" in the alert box
  6. Tap the back button at the top left to exit MessageBubbles settings
  7. Come back into MessageBubbles Settings
After following these steps you should now see all the settings for MessageBubbles. You will need to manually enable MessageBubbles as it is disabled by default.

Here is a breakdown of what each settings option means:

  • Tweak Enabled - Enable or disable MessageBubbles entirely.
  • App Based Color - When enabled the bubbles will be the primary color of the icon for the app the notification is from.
  • Custom Color - Select a universal color for all bubbles.
  • Select Apps - Select the apps to display bubbles for.

Check you have good internet connection. If you have changed devices you will need to update your license.
To update your license you will need to use the Transfer License option.

If you are still having trouble try the following steps:

Restore help image 1 Restore help image 2
  1. Open Filza and go to: /var/mobile/Library
  2. Tap the (i) information button for the "MessageBubbles" directory.
  3. Make sure the Owner and Group are set to "mobile" and the Owner has Read, Write and Execute permissions.
  4. Force close the settings app and re-open.
  5. Go to MessageBubbles settings and try restore again.

If these steps do not work, ensure the same permissions and ownership settings are set for /var/mobile/Libary and delete all the files inside /var/mobile/Library/MessageBubbles/

To transfer your license to another device, download MessageBubbles on the new device. Once downloaded, go to the settings pane and use the Transfer License option. This must be accessed through the new device.
When asked to enter your email address, this must be the email address used to log into PayPal. You will be sent an email which will likely go to your junk or spam folder. This email can take up to 10 minutes to arrive.
If you have any troubles with this process please contact me through the support links at the bottom of the settings page.

If none of this helped please use the support links at the bottom of the settings page, or get in touch with me on Twitter @KurrtDev.

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