iOS 11, 12


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MessageBubbles is a unique notification animation designed for messaging applications.

Designed to flow with iOS, MessageBubbles shows an iMessage style bubble when you receive a message and your devices screen is off.

MessageBubbles detects the direction of the language the message is in and adjusts to show nicely no matter the language.

You have the ability to select the apps you want to enable MessageBubbles for and have the tweak use the color of the icon for the app receiving the message, or set a universal color for all bubbles.

Any app can be enabled, however the 3 fully tested apps are Messages, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Tweak Compatibility: Tested and works with ShortLook, StackXI, InteliX and Notchification. Known not to work with always on display tweaks such as Hyperion. Support may come soon, contact me to request compatibility with certain tweaks.



0.2.8 (05 May 2019) - Better A12 support and improved performance.

0.2.5 (01 May 2019) - Fixed dependencies for A12 support.

0.2.4 (29 Apr 2019) - arm64e support.

0.2.3 (28 Apr 2019) - Fixed dependency issue.

0.2.2 (11 Mar 2019) - Added the new sharing mode. This allows you to take screenshots and screen recordings of the tweak.

0.2.1 (08 Mar 2019) - Settings page bug fixes.

0.2.0 (07 Mar 2019) - New settings: Randomize colors, change animation speeds, change display time, option to disable wake after displaying and a bunch of new animations!

0.1.0 (05 Mar 2019) - Major bug fixes.

0.0.2 (15 Jan 2019) - Bug fixes, this should hopefully fix any safe mode crashes. StackXI compatibility! (and probably more compatibility for other tweaks).

0.0.1 (02 Jan 2019) - Initial release.

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